Seven Good Habits to Improve Your English Every Day

improve English

English learners need constant inspiration, interest and persistence. You can’t improve English during a few months, it’s more of a long-term project. Drilling grammar exercises and learning new vocabulary may become boring one day. Also, it is rather easy to start skipping lessons, after which it may be challenging to get back on track.

What can you do to avoid the decline of motivation? The solution is simple – all you need is to forge good habits! The best way to do so is to integrate one new habit every two weeks or every month, it will give you some time to get used to each of them.

 1. Start reading English news with your morning tea or coffee.

Here are some ideas for news websites. I usually start my day with BBC main news, then, if I have some time, I can have a look at the Guardian or the Economist or Forbes. By the way, you can send the articles to your Kindle and use a built-in dictionary to look up new words.

2. Listen to audiobooks on your way to work and back home.

Try to find something interesting for you and not too difficult. I’ve listened to the whole series of Harry Potter books some years ago.

3. Listen to BBC radio or podcasts if you do some chores around the house

You can do this if you do some physical work or a gym workout.

4. Watch an episode of a captivating TV series every evening

Here are some ideas.

5. Talk in English to your partner or colleagues about 30 minutes daily

(if they also try to improve their English). Or, you can find a speaking partner in or

6. Write your daily plan and your shopping lists in English

Also, you can blog, sms or chat at forums.

 7. Read a few pages of an engrossing bestseller before going to bed

If you use a Kindle + a built-in dictionary, you’ll enjoy reading quickly.

If you integrate those habits in your daily life, you will constantly stay “in the field” of English, you will acquire new vocabulary naturally and you will progress every day. Just make sure that you give yourself enough time to feel comfortable with each habit before you start introducing a new one in your life.