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Some Tips How You Can Train for IELTS

Browsing ESL forums and talking to prospective students, I noticed an interesting tendency – more and more Russian adults are deeply interested in training for IELTS. They wish to pass this international exam so that they could study abroad, emigrate to an English-speaking country or find a job with an

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How Can You Learn English Yourself?

“You know, we were taught English so poorly at my linguistic university“, complained angrily one of my students who decided to take face-to-face lessons to learn English and fill her knowledge gaps. I smiled and told her that one of the essential skills to gain in the university is self-learning.

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Seven Powerful Techniques to Develop English Vocabulary

99% of my students often lack English vocabulary to communicate. They either can’t drag a necessary word out of “passive memory” or just don’t know it at all. We work together, enhancing their lexis, and I effectuate this process by systematic vocabulary testing. Every now and then, students still forget

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Reading English Books: Five Reasons to Benefit

Imagine a quiet place where you can sit comfortably holding a captivating book and a cup of hot tea. Isn’t in an amazing way to relax and enjoy a fascinating story? You can make it a  habit and choose English books to read. A good news is that you can

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Five Great Activities to Develop Your English Listening Skills

Listening in English is fun. While practicing, you can learn much interesting information, relax and enjoy a captivating movie. When you try to develop your English listening skills, the most important skill to train is to grasp the idea of what you hear, not each separate word. Of course, in case

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