Christmas Traditions in the UK

Christmas dinnerWith Christmas approaching, it’s high time to start having festive mood. Today you can learn about popular Christmas traditions in Great Britain. It is one of the favourite family holidays that both children and adults look forward to. During this time, even churches have special services with carols sung by candlelight, which creates Christmas mood. The British consider carols to be pleasant musical entertainment, and a pleasure, which is why carol service and nativity plays are popular during Christmas.

Surprising at it may seem, British people started celebrating Christmas only in the 19th century. Before that time, it was hardly considered a holiday, with many companies working on the 25th December. When Queen Victoria got married to Prince Albert, who had been born in Germany, the royal family started introducing Christmas traditions. In a while, more and more British families started decorating Christmas trees with candies, nuts, marzipans, candles and small gifts. At that time it was more usual to exchange gifts at New Year, but later gifts moved under the Christmas tree.

Nowadays many children write letters to Santa Claus with their wishes for gifts. They also leave their stockings by the fireplace or near their beds so that Father Christmas could leave some presents inside. With the development of electronic technologies, some parents are now ordering personalised congratulation by Santa Clause that their kids can see in the Internet.

British families celebrate Christmas together. They decorate a Christmas tree, which is a family event with everyone helping.  Some peoples also decorate their homes with mistletoe and ivy. The dinner table is laid with a Christmas Cracker for each person and sometimes flowers and candles.

On Christmas Eve, families sit together to eat festive Christmas dinner. Traditional dishes include roast turkey with cranberries, grilled vegetables, bacon, sausages, Christmas pudding and Christmas cake. Before turkey became widespread, goose or roast beef was the main Christmas food. In Scotland, some people cooked Haggis instead of turkey. During Christmas meal, some British families enjoy pulling out Christmas crackers that have toys, jokes and predictions.

Merry Christmas!