IELTS Podcasts


Here you can find some short podcasts for IELTS with answers to difficult questions in part 3. Almost every answer features fillers, cohesion markers, collocations and idiomatic expressions.

IELTS Favourite Questions Podcast

! New Which do you think is more important, mankind exploring space or mankind exploring the world’s oceans?


! New Should the entry charge to museums be the same for foreign tourists and for local visitors?


! New What is the most important thing that parents teach their children?


! New Do you think the government should spend money to preserve historic buildings?


! New Do you think people behave in different ways when they interact with rich people, compared to situations when they interact with poor people?


How do you think the quality of people’s work is affected when the temperature is very hot and when it is very cold?


What are some examples of community activities that exist in your country?


Do people today write more letters than people in the past?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of organised trips?


What are the differences between machine-made and hand-made goods?


Do you think sports stars nowadays deserve the amount of money they are paid?


Do you think distance education might one day replace classroom education?


Do you think children are influenced by advertising in the same way that adults are?