Quiz: English Idioms

English idioms English idioms are not a piece of cake (something simple)  even for non-native English teachers. An idiom’s meaning is totally different from the literal meaning of its words. English idioms are numerous as there are at least 25 000 idiomatic expressions in English.

Do you want to check your knowledge? Take this twenty-five-question quiz on English idioms. Having answered all the questions, you can click the button “view questions” and  see the correct answers.

In case you decide to improve your knowledge of English idioms, I can advise you to buy two textbooks so that you could use them for self-learning:

Idioms Organizer. Organised by Metaphor, Topic, and Key Word by Jon Wright and English Idioms in Use by Michael McCarthy and Felicity O’Dell

Besides, I recommend you to watch fabulous BBC videos on idioms.

Good luck!

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